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LIFEVAC CAN SAVE A LIFE The LifeVac is a non-powered single patient portable suction device developed for clearing an upper airway. DON’T BECOME A STATISTIC STATISTICS • A leading cause of death in children • 4,000 deaths yearly • One child dies every 5 days from choking • Leads to 100,000 visits to the ER yearly • Over 100 million Americans have no defense against aspiration emergencies due to pregnancy, disability, obesity, or being alone • More people die from aspirating than die in fires, drowning or accidental shootings • A leading cause of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65 TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE • 0-4 minutes: Brain damage unlikely • 4-6 minutes: Brain damage possible • 6-10 minutes: Brain damage probable • 10 minutes +: Probably brain death • Average emergency response time is 7 to 12 minutes FACTS • Of all choking deaths in 2000, 41% caused by food, 59% by nonfood items (balloons, etc) • Candy is associated with 19% ER visits for aspiration emergencies – 65% due to hard candy and 35% gummy bears, chocolate, caramel, etc. • Coins were responsible for 18% of ER visits for children age 1 to 4 years The negative pressure generated by the force of the suction is 3 times greater than the highest recorded abdominal thrusts.  The LifeVac is capable of generating over 300 mmhg of suction. The duration of suction is minimal so LifeVac is safe and effective. No prescription required.


  • Easy to use
  • Made In America


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